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Asa Burton, MA



Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm an experienced counsellor and educational practitioner offering a comfortable and non-judgemental environment for clients.

I believe passionately in unlocking people's potential by empowering them to be free from constraints in their life. I offer a variety of support and care in education and counselling. 

I offer online and telephone counselling, as well as working with clients face to face in the centre of Preston. I look forward to hearing from you to ensure you get the support you need, or if you'd like to read more information, please click the links below.



After many years of experience as a counsellor, I understand that people can get stuck in their lives and need help to get free from the shackles of the emotional pain they are experiencing.

I've been passionate about counselling for many years, and truly believe it can help empower people to effectively and successfully change their lives.

"I was initially nervous to see a counsellor, however Asa made me feel comfortable and didn't judge me. I was able to reach my goals and turn my life around." J.S.


Examples of support I can offer include:

Training and workshops 

Special Educational Needs

Mental health



Ofsted requirements are included in all support offered.


"Thank you for all the support you have given our school, you have made such a difference." K.A.


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